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10 Simple Ways to Improve Children’s Behavior (Home and School)

Parents and teachers often wonder how to discipline a child with behavior problems. Although some children truly have challenging behaviors regardless of what strategies we try, many children just need to have the adults in their lives make changes in the way they react, respond, or interact with them. This article ...
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14 Strategies to Help Children with ADHD in the Classroom or at Home

While this article discusses strategies for children with ADHD, many of these strategies can be utilized to help any child with challenging behaviors. Children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or who have ADHD-like symptoms frequently have difficulty at school. They often get yelled at, lose recess time, get ...
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how to get your kids to listen

17 Ways to Get Your Kids to Listen to You and Show You Respect

This article gives you tips that teach you how to get your kids to listen to you, show you respect, and connect with you. Working as a residential counselor, school psychologist, assistant teacher, tutor, mobile therapist, and babysitter, I have used all the strategies in this article with my own ...
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helpful strategies for solving math word problems

3 Effective Strategies for Kids to Solve Math Word Problems

Do you know a child who needs help with math word problems? Some children need to be taught specific strategies that they can use to solve the problem. These are strategies that can be taught at home by parents/tutors or at school by teachers, assistants. etc. Research indicates that identifying keywords, pulling ...
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3 Research-Based Reading Comprehension Strategies Parents Can Try at Home: Chunking. Monitoring, and Listening

This article discusses how to use chunking, monitoring, and listening strategies to improve reading comprehension. What is Chunking? Chunking means to break up text that may be too long or difficult for a child, into manageable sections or "chunks." Chunking helps students organize information, making it easier for them to ...
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fun activities to do with social skills group

5 Great Activities to Do with Your Social Skills Group

Working in the public school system for many years, I often heard guidance counselors asking for advice about the kinds of activities they should do with their social skills groups. Students in the group often had difficulty with skills such as listening, waiting their turn in conversation, staying on topic, ...
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6 Research-Based Interventions for the Treatment of ADHD in Children

Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or ADHD-like symptoms often have difficulty in school, at home or in the community. Teachers and parents often report that their child has trouble concentrating on a task long enough to complete it, following through on instructions, following a daily routine, staying on ...
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8 Fun Activities to Practice Social Skills with Your Child

This article gives several fun social skills activities that you can do with your child. While the activities are described in a one on one format between parent and child, many of them can also be used with a group of children such as siblings, students, or clients in a ...
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tips for college students with ADHD

8 Unique Studying Tips for College Students with ADHD

*Many of the tips in this article can also be taught to middle and high school students. School was never really a problem for me - until I went to college and hit a brick wall. I didn't know how to study, and I didn't know that I didn't know ...
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story about going to school

An Interactive Story about What School Is Like and How to Behave

Below you will find an interactive social story about going to school. The story can be used to help children prepare for a typical school day including their first day of school. You can also read this story with your child to practice reading skills. Social stories are a research-based ...
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How to Help Kids Improve Reading Comprehension with Story Mapping

Research indicates that students who struggle significantly with reading comprehension benefit from learning a strategy called Story Mapping which is explained in detail below. To read more about the research on Story Mapping see The Effects of Training in Story Mapping Procedures on Reading Comprehension and A Story Mapping Intervention to Improve ...
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How to Help Your Child with Handwriting and Pencil Grip

When learning to write, some children have difficulty developing an effective pencil grip. Holding a pencil with the right grip and appropriate amount of strength can make a big difference in a child’s handwriting. Parents and teachers can use strategies to help children improve the strength in their hands, how they hold ...
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child develop writing skills

How to Help Your Child with Writing Skills through Guided Writing

This article explains how to help your child/student(s) develop writing skills through a research-based writing strategy called Guided Writing. While Guided Writing lessons are usually done with a small group of children in the classroom, parents can also utilize these strategies at home. It is very common for young children ...
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get your students motivated

How to Motivate Your Students and Get Them to Listen to You (39 Effective Strategies for Classroom Management)

This article (and video presentation which you will find at the end) gives you 39 effective classroom management strategies to help you get your students motivated to complete their work and follow the classroom rules and expectations. These strategies may not be what you are used to and might require changes on ...
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classroom for students with autism

How to Set Up the Classroom for Students with Autism and ADHD

This article gives a number of strategies that you can use in the classroom (or at home) to create a physical environment that helps meet the educational and behavioral needs of individuals with autism or ADHD. Very young children or children who have trouble understanding language would also benefit from some of these strategies. Every ...
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how to use graphic organizers

How to Use Graphic Organizers to Improve Reading Comprehension, Writing, Listening, Note Taking, and Study Skills

A graphic organizer provides learners with a visual representation of information, concepts, or ideas. Graphic organizers are often used to help children understand what they are reading or to organize information in order to report it, such as through writing or an oral presentation like a speech. Graphic organizers can ...
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picture schedules

How To Use Schedules to Improve Children’s Behavior

This article discusses how to use schedules with children to promote positive behaviors. Strategies can also be utilized with adults with special needs. Using visual schedules for individuals who may have trouble with reading or language is discussed as well. Schedules can make a positive difference in a child's behavior ...
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signs of a learning disability

Learning Disabilities: What Are the Signs & What Can You Do? (With Interactive Checklist)

What is a Learning Disability? A learning disability interferes with one’s ability to receive, process, recall, or communicate information. Learning disabilities can primarily affect an individual in the areas of reading, writing, math, speaking, and listening. Focus, reasoning, memory, coordination, social skills, and behavior may also be impacted as a ...
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ADHD stragtegies for classroom

Please Don’t Take Away My Recess-A Poem About ADHD

I got in trouble in school today. They took away my recess. They said it was because I couldn't sit still, but I was feeling so restless. I couldn't control my body. I wish they'd give me breaks to move. It's so much easier to concentrate when I'm not forced ...
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printable pictures of class rules

Printable Classroom Rules with Matching Visuals

Set Up Your Rules Having rules/expectations for behavior in the classroom is a great way to encourage positive behavior if used correctly. For rules to be effective: keep them short and to the point, do not have too many rules (3 to 5 is a good rule of thumb), and ...
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Strategies for Parents to Help Their Child with Separation Anxiety

What is Separation Anxiety Disorder? According the the American Psychiatric Association, a person with separation anxiety disorder is excessively fearful or anxious about separation from those with whom he or she is attached. The feeling is beyond what is appropriate for the person’s age, persists (at least four weeks in ...
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strategies for oppositional defiant

Top 10 Discipline Tips for Kids with Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Raising a child with oppositional defiant disorder can be extremely frustrating because you feel like everything is a constant battle. You just want your child to do his homework, pick up his toys, get dressed for school, etc. and you are constantly faced with refusal. As a behavior specialist and ...
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Top Five Reasons for Behavior Problems in Kids

This article is meant to be helpful for any adult (teacher, parent, caregiver, etc.) who has a child with behavioral difficulties. Remember, there are no magic answers, and some kids may have challenging behavior no matter what strategies you use. However, most kids respond well to positive behavior strategies and ...
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