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Being Active in Nature Improves Mental and Physical Health for Kids: Infographic

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I am constantly encouraging my four-year-old son to get outside and exercise with me. He doesn’t always want to do it, but sometimes I will pull the “we have to go for a walk” or “play tag outside” before we watch TV. My son is a TV/tablet lover and if it were up to him he would be on electronics …

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When Should a Child Be Evaluated for an Emotional Disturbance in School?

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The information in this article applies to public schools in the United States. If your child attends school in a different type of setting, talk to your child’s school to see what they recommend for children with behavioral and/or social-emotional needs. What is Emotional Disturbance? Emotional Disturbance (ED) is considered one of the 14 disabilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) …

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I Am Going to the Dentist (A Story to Prepare Children for Dental Appointments)

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Below you will find a social story about going to the dentist, to help children prepare for check-ups/appointments. Social stories are a research-based tool used to help children prepare for real-life events. They can help ease anxiety or set expectations for behavior in certain situations. Social stories are often used for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), anxiety disorders, or for any child that …

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Does Research Say that Weighted Vests & Blankets Help People with Autism, ADHD, and Anxiety?

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Working in public schools for over 10 years, I frequently saw occupational therapists utilizing weighted vests with students diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder.(ASD). When I asked about the purpose of the vests, I was told that they have a calming effect because they give the wearer a sense of deep pressure, which some children …

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Strategies for Schools to Help Children with Separation Anxiety

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This article is a follow up from our first article: Strategies for Parents to Help Their Child with Separation Anxiety. This intro is the same, but as you go further down the article, you will see strategies for schools to use to Help children with separation anxiety. What is Separation Anxiety Disorder? According the American Psychiatric Association, a person with separation anxiety …

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Strategies for Parents to Help Their Child with Separation Anxiety

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What is Separation Anxiety Disorder? According the the American Psychiatric Association, a person with separation anxiety disorder is excessively fearful or anxious about separation from those with whom he or she is attached. The feeling is beyond what is appropriate for the person’s age, persists (at least four weeks in children and six months in adults) and causes problems functioning. …

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Evidence Suggests That the Coping Cat Program Reduces Anxiety in Children and Teens

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What is the Coping Cat Program? The Coping Cat Program, created by Philip C. Kendall, Ph.D., ABPP and Kristina A. Hedtke, M.A. is a research-based cognitive-behavioral therapy intervention (cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on exploring relationships among a person’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors in order to help them feel better/cope better) that helps children recognize and analyze their anxious feelings and …