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Printable Classroom Rules with Matching Visuals

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Set Up Your Rules Having rules/expectations for behavior in the classroom is a great way to encourage positive behavior if used correctly. For rules to be effective: keep them short and to the point, do not have too many rules (3 to 5 is a good rule of thumb), and phrase them in the positive (kids respond better when you …

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9 Practical Strategies to Decrease Impulsive Behaviors in Children

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Impulsive behaviors can make everyday situations challenging for your child and the people in his/her life. Impulsive behaviors are defined as actions that occur quickly and seem to happen without thinking or considering the consequences. Children diagnosed with ADHD often engage in impulsive behaviors, but impulsive behaviors do not necessarily indicate that a person has ADHD. Below Are Some Examples …

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A Highly Effective Strategy to Teach Academic Concepts to Students with Autism

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Working for over 10 years as a school psychologist, I have had a lot of opportunities to observe students with autism in the classroom. One thing that I consistently noticed, particularly for kids who struggled to communicate verbally, was an excellent ability to complete hands-on, interactive tasks with a clear visual ending and a reduced amount of visual clutter. Something I …

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KazuTime: New Kid-Friendly Timer App Helps Children Understand the Passing of Time with a Puppy Named Kazu

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History of KazuTime? KazuTime is a child friendly visual timer app created by Karine Pepin, Speech-Language Pathologist & Owner of Advanced Cognitive Communication Rehab Clinic; and Barbara Wichmann, CEO/CSO of ARTEMIA Communications, Inc. Kazutime is available in itunes or in your Play Store. The founders of KazuTime worked extensively with children and observed first-hand the importance of structure and the power of fun in their …

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Sample After-School Visual Schedule for Kids with Sensory Needs or Impulsive/Hyperactive Behaviors

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If you have read some of my other articles on behavior then you know that I am a big advocate of using schedules with children to increase confidence, cooperation, and accountability; and to reduce tantrums and frustration. Schedules can be used daily or just to help a child understand what will happen over the next few hours. Schedules help children …

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Intensive Interaction – A Research-Based Approach that Aims to Improve Communication for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

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By dittDitte Rose Andersen, MSc in Psychology, Intensive Interaction Denmark Intensive Interaction is a research-based approach that helps children and adults with disabilities develop social interaction and communication. In Intensive Interaction this happens through shared, meaningful and enjoyable activities. Social and communication learning is the central purpose of Intensive Interaction, and in this way, the approach addresses some of the …

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5 Highly-Rated Kids Games For Practicing Social Skills

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Games are a great way to get kids involved in learning. Games make the lesson feel fun and less forced. Just like we are taught reading, writing, and math, some kids need to be taught social skills such as cooperating with peers, controlling emotions, using manners, building empathy, having conversations, and following directions. Some kids also need assistance to build …

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Is Labeling Children Good or Bad? The View of a School Psychologist

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I am a school psychologist. My main job is to evaluate students to see if they are eligible for special education. In order for a child to be eligible they have to meet criteria for one of 13 disabilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). If they do not meet criteria for at least one of these 13 …

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Does Asperger's Syndrome Still Exist? A Definition of Autism and Related Diagnoses

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As a school psychologist, I often hear parents asking what happened to the Asperger’s diagnosis? Asperger’s still exists, it just falls under a different name. In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-4), there were four separate diagnoses all related to autism, which fell under a broader category called Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). These four separate …