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I Wish I Was There to Protect You!-A Powerful Poem to Help the Victims of Bullying

I Wish I Was There to Protect You!-A Powerful Poem to Help the Victims of Bullying

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Thinking of my childhood, there’s so much I wish I’d known

I’d love to go back and tell myself, now that I am grown

You were only nine or ten when the mean, cruel things were said

People teased you, called you names, threw papers at your head

You used to think to yourself, “If they only took the time to know me

They would see I was a good person, generous, kind, and friendly”

They judged you for your clothes and hair but didn’t know about your home life

They laughed at your misbehavior, which stemmed from your lack of proper guidance

If I could go back and save you, I’d tell you it was okay

You don’t need to pretend you’re sick because you’re scared of what they’ll say

Go to school with your head held high and keep believing in yourself

The ones who tease, laugh, and mock have their own problems and need help

You are right; you would make a great friend; you’re funny, kind, and smart

If they don’t see it, keep pushing forward, don’t hide in the dark

You had so much love for yourself and were born with a heart of gold

But the pain took its toll on you. You went down a dark and lonely road

It took 25 years to get you to where you are today.

You have worked on your confidence and built yourself up along the way.

I am so proud of you and I wish I could have told you then.

If I could have shared all this with you when you were only ten!

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Written by Rachel Wise

Rachel Wise

Rachel Wise is the founder and CEO of educationandbehavior.com. She is also a nationally certified school psychologist and licensed behavior specialist with a master’s degree in education. Rachel has 20 years of experience working with individuals with academic and behavioral needs.




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3 Responses to I Wish I Was There to Protect You!-A Powerful Poem to Help the Victims of Bullying

  1. Rachel,
    Your poem brought tears to my eyes, especially as I read it and looked at the young girl in the photo. Heart wrenching, to say the very least.

    I am a bully advocate as well.
    Please see my site at:http://www.BooksThatSow.com

    My bully book, Teacher, Teacher, Can’t You See? is a story told in poetic style.

    Cherrye S. Vasquez, Ph.D.

  2. Hi Rachel,

    what a beautiful and very moving poem! My heart went out to that little 10 year old girl.

    Your poem resonated with me, having been on the receiving end of this negative behaviour, as a 10 year old immigrant!

    I’m now a teacher, and my colleague and I co-write song-based teaching resources for schools. I wrote ‘BULLY-FREE ZONE!’ to provide primary schools with a child-friendly, positive behaviours approach to dealing with unacceptable behaviour.

    If interested, I wrote a blog post about this, with a link to the video of students singing and spreading the anti-bullying message:’Bullying is NOT OK – NO WAY!’ http://tinyurl.com/agyfh6c

    Primary Teacher; Director, KEYSTONE CREATIONS ~ Educational Songs

  3. […] As our children head back to school this is a thoughtful reminder to celebrate each quality our children have.  Not all of them are guided with boundaries, expectations, proper meals, or rules.  I recently helped to implement 2 bullying programs nationally recognized; the impact was overwhelming as we heard from students, parents and staff who were victims.  You could see the hurt and anguish in their eyes as they shared some 20 years later.  Read More. […]

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