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An Interactive Story to Teach Kids About Restaurant Behavior

An Interactive Story to Teach Kids About Restaurant Behavior

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Below you will find an interactive social story that you can use to teach a child how to behave in a restaurant.

But first some quick instructions and information…

You will have to scroll through the PDF to view this whole story. You will also need Adobe Reader (free download). If you can’t see the story from a mobile device, go to a desktop or laptop computer or try downloading Adobe Reader to your phone/tablet. Keep in mind that the story cannot be viewed from our Feed at Google Feedburner (you will only receive our Feed if you subscribe to our RSS). If you are in the Feed click on the article title so you can view the story. If you have any trouble accessing this story, contact us.

Social stories are a great way to teach someone how to behave in a particular setting. Because no situation is the same, it may be helpful to talk to your child about how their restaurant experience might be different from the story below. You may want to practice “restaurant behavior” (as taught in this book) at home first, before going to the restaurant. This can help your child learn and practice the expectations, which will make him/her more likely to succeed on the actual trip.

You can print this story out to read with your child.

Did you scroll through the whole story? I hope you enjoyed it! You can make your own social story by using real pictures of your child/family or pictures from Google Images.

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Written by Rachel Wise

Rachel Wise

Rachel Wise is the founder and CEO of educationandbehavior.com. She is also a nationally certified school psychologist and licensed behavior specialist with a master’s degree in education. Rachel has 20 years of experience working with individuals with academic and behavioral needs.


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    Thank you for sharing this article. Some of the ideas automatically presume a certain level of communication needs. Families will find something useful here, especially during a seasonal school break for many kids! Have you ever thought about using COMIC BOOKS as the vehicle to delivery consistency and familiar, like-minded characters?

  2. Dave Kot says:

    This article will be very helpful for some families having public communication challenges. I’m going to share this with our fans at Face Value Comics, and I think our fans will come to welcome this and other information you share! Thank you for the timeliness of this post, especially knowing many families may be enjoying extended holiday vacations at this time. Thanks again, Rachel!

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