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When Bullying Occurs is Calling a Lawyer Ever Necessary?

In Bullying, Parents by Darryl Smith

Most children will have an encounter with bullying sometime in their life. It’s an unfortunate truth that bullies exist and often persist at many schools. As a parent or guardian, you may not be able to stop bullies from cropping up in your child’s life, but you can prepare yourself for any situation, should it arise. Many interventions can and …

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Tips to Help a Child Not Be Alone at Recess or in the Cafeteria

In Bullying, Counselors, Educational Strategies & Tips, Educators, Social Skills, Social-Emotional by Rachel Wise

If you are an educator and you see that a child is constantly alone at recess or lunch, call a meeting, come up with a plan, do something to help that child. Research supports the notion that there are strategies we can use to help a child not be alone at recess, such as more structured play time, incorporating more …

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Cyberbullying – Information & Prevention Tips for Parents & Teachers

In Bullying, Counselors, Educators, Parents by Emily Andrews

Bullies and meanies have been around since forever. If you were young before the internet came about, you know that most bullying happened in person. Bullies tormented other kids during recess, at the bus stop, in the hallway, or cafeteria. However, the bullying generally stopped once a child got home. The house was a safe place and a haven that …

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Infographic Provides Insight to Help Youth Handle Cyberbullying

In Bullying, Counselors, Educators, Parents by Charlotte Williams

Do you remember a person who impacted you when you were a child? The other night I was with my family watching a major sporting event (the Super Bowl) on television from the comfort of my home. I might not have been tuned in to watch the big game, but more for the commercials, half-time entertainment, and a much anticipated …

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The Benefits of Including a Self Defense Program in Middle School Physical Education

In Bullying, Children's Health, Counselors, Educators, Social-Emotional by Rachel Wise

Original Source: Teaching Self-Defense to Middle School Students in Physical Education; Journal of Teaching in Physical Education Bullying is an epidemic. It is widespread and cause for serious concern. Approximately out of ten middle school students in the United States are bullied weekly. To minimize school violence, some schools have taken steps to raise awareness about bullying, by implementing programs that …

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3 Effective Research-Based Bullying Intervention Programs

In Bullying, Counselors, Educators, Social-Emotional by Rachel Wise

In my elementary and middle school years, I was a target for bullying and endured severe bullying from 5th through 9th grade. My confidence was not strong, my family was different from the average kid’s family in my school district, and I dressed a lot differently than the other girls in my school, due to the influence and style of …

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A Message for All Kids

In Behavior Strategies, Bullying, Counselors, Educators, Parents, Social Skills, Social-Emotional by Rachel Wise

• You are more than just a kid. You are special for being alive. You are light and hope. You are priceless and worth more than you could ever imagine! • What other people say doesn’t change who you are. • You are at your best when you love and believe in yourself. • When you feel that no one …

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Roots of Empathy: A Research-Based Program that Counters Bullying

In Bullying, Counselors, Educational Strategies & Tips, Educators, Parents, Social Skills, Social-Emotional by Rachel Wise

What is Roots of Empathy? Roots of Empathy is a research-based program with a long-term goal to create a society of adults who are responsible/well-mannered citizens that use positive parenting methods. The overall short-term goal of the program focuses on raising levels of empathy, resulting in more respectful and caring relationships and reduced levels of bullying and aggression. Empathy is defined …

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How to End Bullying Part 2: 15 Tips for Kids

In Bullying, Counselors, Educators, Parents by Rachel Wise

Preface: Before I start I want to say that this is a personal issue for me because I was bullied from 5th to 9th grade. I have also worked with students who were bullied and students who bullied others. You may not agree with all these suggestions and I know there are other avenues we can take to attempt to …

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Find Out How One Teacher Stopped Bullying in Her Classroom!

In Bullying, Counselors, Educators, Inspirational Stories/Videos, Social-Emotional by Omolara Gbadamosi

By Omolara Gbadamosi Within the school environment, the classroom is a child’s home. It represents the family unit. Most likely, every class will always have at least one child that seems out of place and other children will notice the awkwardness. Personally, I do not think oppression is the problem because it is part of human nature and likely to …